Designing Parabolic reflector Fusion 360

            There are several types of reflectors for radio signals, light and other wave forms. They can be printed in any shape – parabolic, hyperbolic, spherical, or elliptical. Advantages with 3D printing: No molds or tools Integrate clamping and positioning fixtures Custom reflectors for low…

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Complex Shapes

3D printing complex shapes

Additive manufacturing enables making of complex shapes in a single print run, it reduces number of parts needed, it lowers assembly costs, and it improves reliability of your finished product. We have a few examples of complex shapes that lend themselves to additive manufacturing. Solve your problem by discussing it…

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Cooling or Heat Transfer Ducts

Cooling Duct

                          Additive manufacturing allows for the design of ducts starting with square shapes on one side and circular on the other. Specially designed cooling or heat transfer ducts can reach remote areas inside the device to cool specific…

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