Yearly Archives: 2016

  • How to design fractals for 3DPrinting


    Using fractals to design complex shapes Fractals Intro Fractals are geometric patterns that repeat at different scales. They exhibit the property of “self-similarity”. Fractals appear complex in shape. But they are just iterations of simple geometries in a pattern. Consider an equilateral triangle, inscribe another equilateral triangle within and continue doing this. You will end up…
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  • 3D printing and the art of persuasion


    3D printing is a powerful medium of communication 3D printing can be useful when talking to a customer, vendor, student or as a concept proof. It is applicable in several industries including engineering, aerospace, automotive, medical and entertainment. We will explore the different communication methodologies in brief, below: 1. Showing a solution is better than…
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  • A starter guide on designing for additive manufacturing


    Additive manufacturing is for every one. Not just big companies. Are additive manufacturing methods meant only for high end product companies like large aerospace, automotive or medical devices companies and/or hobbyists? NOT ANY MORE. It is getting to be more mainstream in almost all industries regardless of complexity, sophistication, segment or size. Why is it…
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